Author of “Spinning With a Drop Spindle” and “A Step Back in Time”, creator of Lollipops! handspinning tools, and fiber arts teacher, Carol Cassidy-Fayer started on the path to become a fiber artist at just 7 years old. Always fascinated by all the arts, Carol has also been a professional singer and teacher of various musical instruments, and is a collected artist.

Lollipops! had a big influence on her life, not just in the design, painting and marketing of a special tool, but it led her to web design in the mid 90’s. Her first site for Lollipops! won awards and customers, and she began to market her web design talents. Inspired by the work of artist Michel Delacroix, she created “The Cyber Fiber Mall” in 1997, in order to offer her Lollipop vendors a web presence. The Cyber Fiber Mall is now Fiberville, USA—a quaint village dedicated to the fiber arts.

It also led her on a special journey that started back in early 2002 when she co-chaired a project for the local Jaycees. The challenge—to raise $1.6 million in just 42 days to save the most historically significant landmark in McHenry County, Illinois, the Dole Mansion. They succeeded with the help of the community and she then set out with her fellow board members to create a community art center in the mansion, thus meeting the goal of sharing the historic building with the community who worked so hard to save it. Carol dedicated 100% of her work for four years to get the art center off to a great start - and you better believe that fiber arts, music, and painting are all included! The rest of that story is a tale for another day...

Currently, Carol is a partner in her own graphic design firm, Design Providence. She is also thinking seriously about creating a few more Lollipops! Carol is very grateful for all that she has been privileged to be a part of, and very grateful to the wonderful "Lollie lovers", who still call her to ask for more.

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